william mazza | portfolio

In performance with the James Brandon Lewis Quintet at Vision 24, Roulette, Brooklyn, NY using a combination of live painting (Corel Painter and a Wacom table) and prepared video to create real-time, improvised projections. Photo by Todd Weinstein Photography

William Mazza is a Brooklyn-based visual artist and community arts activist.

His work explores spatial and temporal relationships of people to their environments through representational forms and media.

His work does not shy away from pop culture and pop culture references.

He sees no contradiction between Art & Politics.

Partly in response to being a white, cis-male from the United States, he commits the majority of his art-making time to the amplification of voices less-represented in our culture, artists who identify as women, queer, and/or of color. Other partly because collaboration makes for better art.

He believes in the transformative quality of the creative act, and as a result supports public art projects.

As such he believes that art is a act of communication, and when art denies this it risks losing it's identity and relevance.

The ability to communicate in both the concrete and abstract is at the core of our communities.

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